Actuality EU Erasmus + in adult education – a path of social inclusion 2019

“Let’s Folk!”
22- 29 April 2019
Granada and Malaga, Spain

Let's Folk Flyer

Project Information

The Youth Exchange“ Let’s FOLK!“ will take place in the city of Granada (Spain) for 8 days in 22-29 April 2019, with the participation of 36 young people coming from Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, and Turkey.

This exchange will be an opportunity for meeting and cohabitation of different cultures through workshops/exercises/debates/dramatizations and outdoor activities.
The central theme will be the different folk/ethnic and traditional dances in a Non-Formal Educational context. It will be performed and taught by Pranadanza Association, our partners and the young participants.


Objectives of the project:

– Promoting folk dances as Cultural Heritage.
– Raise awareness with disadvantaged groups, such as gypsies in Andalusia,
promoting the knowledge of flamenco dance.
– Show new cultures, habits, and lifestyles through the diversity of dances in the Folk Dance Workshops.
– Develop their abilities and skills by learning various folk dances.
-Improve self-training and self-esteem by creating their own choreography
individually or in a group.
– Improve the learning methods, through the pedagogy of the different cultures of their countries.

Participants Profile & Language

Age: 20 – 30 years old

Language will be English but the participants can participate without knowing English, the only must about language is leaders should be able to speak English and if there is a participant without no language ability, the leader/guide should be able to provide translation for that participant!

For further information and inscription for the EU project Let’s Folk please contact Frank Händeler under 017811020 or write to AND CHECK @

Interest in movement is already enough for this project, you do not have to be a professional! Travel, accommodation, and meals are covered by EU funds. We look forward to your applications




  3. EU Erasmus + 
           Art & therapy – a performatives seminar
representing art in the dialogue with therapeutic concepts, „a way of social Inclusion/admission “
 Erasmus + project, the strategic partnership in the adult – education 2019

will take place in Fundacion the Escuela de Solidaridad in Granada Spain.

Information to the seminar follows shortly.


We are happy to present our new cultural manageress of the ÜB team.

Maike Berger

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The installation artist, stilt walker, clown, dance-theater performer, and maker Matthias Ulfeng is joining the ÜberBrücken collective for the season 2019.

His first appearance will be as movement adviser in body percussion in the EU project:  „Lets Folk“ in Granada Spain 2019.




Eu Erasmus + project with the participation of ÜberBrücken / over bridges 2018-19

Logo New Über_Brücken : over- bridges von Marius Miron 2018

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new phototastic collage time to act 2019

logo ÜB dora dez 2018



Seminar results from art & therapy 2018 Frankfurt am Main Germany:

Street Walk – Title: The transcultural body – Performative Happening – Art Therapy Seminar – Erasmus+ Projekt – A Path of Social Inclusion – ÜberBrücken/over- bridges- – a Strategic partnership in adult education – A path of social inclusion –
15. Sep 2018 Frankfurt am Main Germany
choreography Vito Alfarano, Jolanta Rekawek , Frank Händeler – performers: Jolanta Rekawek, Vito Alfarano, Maria Munoz-Grandes, Marius Miron, Dora Fanelli, Simone Wedel, Silvia Paradiso, Ursula Dietz, Felix, Michelle Gerhardt, Araceli Guiote,Tim, Becky, Mujtaba, Elena Elena Arnal Ferrandiz, Simon, Ivan Ballesteros Barnie
sound technician: Alejandro Navas Vilar
concept: Frank Händeler artistic leader of the ÜB collective/over-bridges 2018
Photography: Marius Miron, Michelle Gerhardt, Alejandro Navas Villar and Frank Händeler
Trailer part 1
Trailer part 2


The aim of this project is to quickly develop innovative and effective skills for professionals in the arts, pedagogy and therapeutics field, together with their colleagues from partner organizations, from Italy, Spain, Polen, Brazil, and Germany, to share and share with their stakeholders realize. In line with the European strategy drafted for 2020, we want to significantly improve the opportunities for the above-mentioned female workers in terms of quality of education and training conditions in their context. By means of the acquired innovative methods, the female and female teachers will strengthen their competencies and at the same time stimulate, in adult education by means of effective methods, for socially excluded persons with the risk of marginalization.

For this reason, we have decided a project with colleagues from different European countries, on the domain of art therapy, in terms of „application“, in the artistic, therapeutic and educational field, for people from disadvantaged living conditions, some of which are at risk of social Exclusion threatens to develop. These novel methods are designed to give the professionals the opportunity to continue training and use innovative practices that seek to have a recovering effect while providing a chance for the arts and therapy in our society to gain more visibility and recognition, as it has done internationally is practiced.



Completed  EU-Erasmus + KA1 study „job shadowing“ on social-cultural projects focusing on unaccompanied minors (UMF) and young adults with educational disadvantages, realized by the ÜberBrücken Kollektiv, started on July 26, 2018. The research is conducted by Maria Munoz and Bernard Stehle on behalf of espaco interno conducted by the University of Granada.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-26 um 03.18.19.png

Professor Maria Munoz (SP) and professor Bernard Stehle (USA)

I am pleased with the diversity of participating participants, including well-known directors of socio-cultural institutions from Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin to young refugees who have participated in the ÜB dance theater projects for three years, including the members of our ÜB team and also a responsible person The Green Party for Social and Cultural Affairs, Integration and Education with a Focus on the Refugee Situation in Frankfurt will join the research on the situation of refugees in these times „today“.

This project is being developed through interviews and fieldwork during the realization of dance theater projects.

The following project a seminar of ART THERAPY KA2  will take place in the period from the 10. to 16. September 2018 in Frankfurt am Main. The Künstlerhaus/ arthouse Mousonturm will be our seminar hosting institution.

As we are in the organization process and looking forward to the moment the seminar will start and all the participants will share an intensive time of exchange together.

Here a quote from a dear friend and colleague of mine about preparation and research time:

For things too early           

                                                      It’s never too late……….

                                                                                                         Henri Carel van Zanten  

In the following list, I am pleased to introduce you to the participants of our upcoming  EU seminar. Our Spanish and Italian partners are already on this website. You will find a link to each person, under which you can inform yourself, which are the individual study and research fields from the listed persons:

Dora Fanelli and Ignacio Pereda Perez from the Fundacion Escuela de Solidaridad,                                                                 Santa Elvira (SP)

The School of Solidarity Foundation is a project that aims to recover the family sense of people who, due to various circumstances, have not been able or able to experience it. Be part of a universal family concept where any creed, idea, religion or conviction is accepted and fully integrated, with respect as a method of intervention and personal development.


Silvia Paradiso and Ivan Veradi ( Italy) from the social organization Artemide/Landing Latiano (I). Artemide Social Cooperative, founded in 2000, works predominantly in the field of social activity, the focus of its attention being on children, young people and the family.


18194798_10211070390706909_295022996186098256_n (1).jpg


Angelika Stein Thelen (D) – Mediatorin



Simone Wedel (D) co-foundress of the ÜberBrücken /over-bridges collective, production manageress, video artist and sound and light technician in process.




Diane Elshout (NL) -theater scholar, choreographer-director of a community house project and longtime, very special dance/choreography partner of and with me from the Netherlands.


Ursula Dietz (D), adviser (Referentin) at the green political party for culture, education and integration in Frankfurt a.M


Carina Sperk (D)-Carina is an actress and singer and is in her study period to become a theatre therapist. In 2012 she graduated in psychology but did not devote herself only since then the exploration of the theatrical space.




Maria Munoz-Grandes (ES), M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc. Professor of Psychology and Organizational Development at IE UniversityPsychotherapist, Coach and Consultant and participant of the upcoming job shadowing EU Erasmus + KA1 project on social artistic projects in Germany with the main focus of the integration of young refugees.

maria on the wall painting interview berlin.jpg



Vito Alfarano. Brindisi (Italy)- choreographer and dancer- working in the social-artistic sector also with refugees, as you can see in the recently presented choreography trailer:




Doro Weigt ( Polen, Germany) – Organization of EU financial development projects- Web pages Developer self-taught photographer – good spirit – and my neighbor.


Michelle Gerhardt (D)- student in the field of social work in culture and media at the Frankfurt University of Applied Science and trainee and budding very actively involved and co-organizing production manager of ÜberBrücken in her second production.


Biography in Development soon to be seen at the ÜberBrücken Web site.

Robert Stein- Holzheim (D)- longtime therapist for family constellation – drummer and genius ………… like all of us, but just a very special guest



Jolanta Rekawek (Polen, Brazil) – Dr. Prof. at the Federal University of Feira de Santana UEFS in Brazi. Founder of the Nucleo Performativity NESP, and co-creatorin of the dance-theater Performance „eles nao querem nada“ together with Frank Händeler and the students.

Documentation of TV ohlios/eyes

Foto 2017 editada.jpg


Last but not least, Frank Händeler MA (D, NL, Brazil): choreographer, dance theater scientist and pedagogue and artistic responsible von ÜberBrüchken7 over-bridges




My dearest and most special wish is that the composer, solo pianist virtuoso Marion von Tilzer could liberate some time to come and play for us during the seminar. Her music is healing and that is for me the main aim of our seminar gathering.

Austrian-born composer/pianist Marion von Tilzer is an intriguing musician, in particular, due to her talent of merging completely different styles in a surprising and original way. Her synthesis of Indian classical music with contemporary western music has to lead to collaborations with musicians, choreographers and filmmakers from different parts of the world, as a composer and performer with her own groups. Her projects have been labeled stunning, fascinating and accessible at the same time.

In 2012 she won the first prize of the Donemus Composition Competition for ‚Rote Schuhe‚, a musical suite, performed by The Bezetting Speelt throughout the Netherlands in 2013. In 2015 the album Secret Keymasters‘ was released on Challenge Records together with fellow pianists Michael Gees & Frans Ehlhart with original compositions of all three musicians. Marion’s new CD with her music written to the fairy tale ‚Das Verschenkte Weinen‘ by W. Heiduczek was released byBuchfunk as an Audiobook during the Leipzig Bookfair in March 2018.

Marion recorded her highly acclaimed album Kirvani Revistedwith her chamber ensemble, the Marion von Tilzer Ensemble. She was commissioned to write two pieces for the Radio Symphony Orchestra of the Westdeutsche Rundfunk in Cologne, Germany. One of the pieces received an honorable mention (Theodore Front Prize). Other commissions include a composition for the city of Amsterdam, which was premiered in the renowned Concertgebouw Hall. Her piece „Die Verlassene Stadt“ an orchestral work was commissioned by the VU kamerorkest for their 20th anniversary and premiered in Amsterdam in 2012. It is dedicated to the victims of the Chernobyl disaster.



International Study Exchange in Latiano Italy within the project Art Therapy Erasmus + in adult education from 10th to 18th June 2018.


Participation of the ÜberBrücken/cross-over team at the International Study Exchange in Latiano Italy within the project Art Therapy Erasmus + in adult education from 10th to 18th June 2018.




Other participating project partners were the association Tanz der Kulturen with Stephanie Bangoura and Mohammed Silla. Foundation Escolar de Solidaridat from Spain, Espacio Interno of the University of Granada and the Cooperative Social Organization Artemide. Particularly invited lecturers were psycho-drama specialist Maria Munioz and bio-energetic lecturer Laura Luchi and others.





35628727_873642932825469_1264510591817482240_o (1).jpg

Various seminars were given by therapists and artists in the context of the topic Art Therapy for persons in marginal life situations. Parallel program were the artistic performances developed with refugee youth and dancers from Brindisi and Latiano. Choreographies by Vito Alfarano (I) and Frank Händeler (G) were part of the program.35492694_10214326674659422_902227480469831680_o.jpg




Teilnahme des ÜberBrücken Teams am Internationalen Studienaustausch in Latiano Italien im Rahmen des Projekts Kunst Therapy Erasmus + in der Erwachsenenbildung vom 10.bis 18 Juni 2018.



Weitere teilnehmende ProjektpartnerInnen waren der Verein Tanz der Kulturen mit Stephanie Bangoura und Mohammed Sylla. Fundation Escolar de Solidaridat aus Spanien, Espacio Interno der Universität Granadas und  die Cooperative Social Organisation Artemide. Besonders geladene Dozenten waren die Psycho-Drama Spezialistin Maria Munioz, ProjektmanagerInnen Dora Fanelli (FES) und  Silvia Paradiso (Artemide), Art Therapy Universitätsdozentin Araceli Guiote Gonzales und die Bioenergetik Dozentin Laura Luchi u.a..


Es wurden verschiedene Seminare von Therapeutinnen und Künstlerinnen gegeben im Rahmen des Themas Kunst Therapie für Personen in marginalen Lebenssituationen. Parallelprogramm waren die künstlerischen Darbietungen entwickelt mit geflüchteten Jugendlichen und TänzerInnen aus Brindisi und Latiano. Choreografien von Vito Alfarano (I) und Frank Händeler (G) waren Teil des Programms.

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